Deepshots and Mike’s Dive Cameras introduces Weefine

Mike’s Dive Cameras in Chiswick, London (the sister shop of the already famous Mike’s Dive Store) is now the place to find Weefine underwater photography products in the UK. Weefine is a reasonably new company, still quite unknown in the UK and Europe. However, their wide range products are starting to make a splash here due to excellent quality and very fair prices.

Weefine is a Hong Kong and Shenzhen based underwater photography company founded by two ex-employees and boffins of Olympus. Since its inception the company’s product range has expended massively and now include a full range of products from housings, lights, lenses, trays, cables… you name it. A limited number of their products are also sold in the North America with a Kraken name tag. So, if you find yourself holding a kraken light or housing on your hand, you know they are manufactured by Weefine and are identical products.

Weefine Ring Light 1000 The most famous Weefine product is probably the unique Right Light 1000 video light that has been recently reviewed in a few diving magazines. It’s a simple and inexpensive close-up video light that screws on your M67 port thread and give you a beautiful omnidirectional illumination. Perfect for the smaller things underwater. The new Weefine Ring Light 3000 LED flash is just about to hit the market in the UK so if interested stay tuned for more info on this.

Weefine also makes a range of more traditional video lights. Their video light range is called the Solar Flare. The Solar Flare range starts from a basic 2000 lumen compact unit to professional 10000 lumen monsters. All the Solar Flare lights are fitted with COB type high-quality LED’s and are very compact units with very attractive price points. Weefine’s multi-function spotting light range is called Smart Focus. These are smaller lights with various functions and come with the auto flash off function which is used with underwater strobes. The most attractive light of the Smart Focus range is the Smart Focus 2300. It is an all-in-one video/spotting light with white, red and deep blue fluoro-diving beams Incredibly costing under 300 pounds.

Weefine Smart housing with pumpFew other products worth mentioning are at least the clever iPhone housing called the Smart Housing for all current iPhones (Even the 8 and soon Android also), the ever expanding lens range; like the WFL-03 +12 macro lens and the WFL-02 and 04 fisheye lenses. Weefine also makes a full range of trays handles and accessories for fixing the all above together. To see the full range head to Mike’s Dive Cameras Weefine product page HERE.

Oh and before I forget Mike’s Dive Cameras are running an introductory -15% deal on all Weefine products currently. Use “weefineintro15” when checking out. This offer is running until the end of October!

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